March 30, 2007

My nephew Wyatt

Sad news again. Wyatt has been admitted to Hershey hospital again.
This time for frontal lobe brain trauma. He has fluid and blood pressure on his brain.
Jen and Eric and anyone who lives with them are now under investigation for child abuse; specifically for Shaken Baby Syndrome.

I've talked to Mom a few times now and she has confirmed that no one that they know of has shaken him. They do know that he has banged his forehead quite hard on his baby walker. He's only 4 months old. When I visited last night to look at the model of the walker they have it says "Age range: 6 - 24 months". Clearly this could be the reason for the head trauma.

All I know as of right now is that he has had several tests and scans done yesterday. They have not received the results as of yet.
I'm hoping that he makes it through this with a complete recovery. Traumatic brain damage can have nasty long term effects. He's such a cute, strong baby I really hate hearing how rough his life is going.

Will update when I hear something.



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