April 2, 2007

Children of the Youth

Jen and Eric met with Children of the Youth this morning to determine their involvement, or lack there of, in the abuse of Wyatt. Mom said they separated them into different conference rooms and asked them questions about the days before them taking him to the hospital and so forth. She also mentioned that no one told COTY about Wyatt's recesitation in Waynesboro Hospital the first time he was admitted to Hershey. The chest compressions certainly could have caused his fractured ribs. Mom said they will be performing a MRI on Wyatt today to see if there are any more bone fractures. Jen and Eric should hear back from COTY today. Jen has requested, in case of removal of Wyatt from their care, that either Mom/Dad or Patrick/I take care of Wyatt until this is all taken care of. I would be thrilled to care for Wyatt and so would Patrick. I just hope this is all taken care of and everyone can get back to worrying about normal worries rather than worrying about a child being taken from it's loving parents.



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