March 8, 2009

Pride (Werecats, Book 3) by Rachel Vincent


Wow. I was so ready for this book and I knew it wouldn't disappoint until the end, where I knew it would just end with me wanting for more!

Characters: 20!

Setting: 10!

Plot: 19!

Originality: 20!

Writing: 20!

Passion: 5

Grade: 94/100!

Faythe is on trial for infecting and killing her ex boyfriend, Andrew. All kinds of stuff goes down during her trial, which takes forever because of Malone, another Alpha who's out to get Fathye's father's spot on the council. The council is being held in a log cabin resort in the mountains, which happens to be home to a few insane strays that do cause quite the ruckus.

Faythe doesn't disappoint with her very aggressive attitude especially when it involves Marc, her brothers, or the new character that we meet in this story. I hate giving away major details of a story so just know that the new development in this story is a MAJOR development. Of course you can read about the new character on the description on

Faythe and Marc are still an item but not really. I think Faythe will continue to develop and may even accept their [Prey_front_cover.jpg]relationship soon, and by soon I hope in the next book, but we'll see!

I'm super excited that Prey will be out sooner than I thought! July 2009!


Leigh Ann Baird on March 8, 2009 at 5:09 PM said...

Excellent! I'll read Prey by the pool this summer! I loved Pride and can hardly wait for more about Faythe and Marc.


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